sacred ceremony with crystal singing bowl

Sacred Ceremony

Rituals and ceremony allow us to drop into sacred space, to let go of everyday concerns and to bring our deeper awareness to the important events in our lives. Pollyanna is passionate about connecting people to sacred space to honour significant life transitions, such as baby naming, blessing ways, renewal of vows etc. Pollyanna works intuitively to help you create ceremony that resonates with you and yours.

Pollyanna has also developed a unique technique combining the powerful vibrations and sound of a quartz crystal singing bowl and the resonance of her voice. Using this technique, she spontaneously creates song for meditation, space clearing, celebration, ritual and sound journeying.

Ritual and Ceremony

Using the crystal bowl and song for ritual and ceremony creates sacred space and the opportunity for participants to drop into a deeper state than everyday awareness. The unique resonance of the crystal singing bowl, accompanied by voice creates a deep and meaning-rich environment no matter what the occasion. Pollyanna has opened events, played at The Day of The Dead, blessing ways, wedding ceremonies and funerals. Whatever your ceremony or ritual, Pollyanna will co-creatively work with you beforehand to create the tone and intention you are looking for. She is an experienced facilitator and loves to create both planned and spontaneous ceremony.

Funeral Song

Pollyanna is also available to weave song to commemorate, celebrate and mourn your loved one at a funeral service, wake or memorial. Funeral song allows mourners sacred space to be with themselves, grieve, remember or take a moment. It honours the deep feelings that arise in a funeral ceremony and is a unique way to farewell your loved one. Pollyanna is sensitive and respectful of those in grief and will work with you to create a farewell ‘song’ that honours the deceased.

Because all ceremonies are different, time input varies and so does cost. Please get in touch to discuss your vision. Pollyanna is available for ceremony, celebration, ritual  and funerals throughout Australia, however travel costs will be charged outside the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Please contact via email or phone 0427971951.

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