The Relationship Revelation

Winner of the 2012 Living Now Book Awards, Relationships Category!

Simple, easy steps to take you from frustrated, lonely or despairing, to deeply satisfied, loved-up and connected.

The Relationship Revelation is a practical, straightforward guide to getting out of your own way, neutralising your dysfunctional beliefs around relationships, and stepping into creating a relationship straight from your authentic desires.

“I found Pollyanna’s book beautifully clear, easy to relate to, and fun to read. The message is profound but so simple. Try it on, and it could change not only your relationships, but your whole life!”  Maya Stange, actor

The Relationship Revelation is loved for for its simplicity, humour and powerful, practical processes. These processes are complemented by on-line audio meditations and exercises that support readers.

This book really is a revelation! Pollyanna Darling has done a marvellous job of making it clear that we are the sole determinant of what we create. The beauty of her premise is that the consciousness she evokes to attract the love we yearn for can equally be applied to creating everything else that matters to us.” William Whitecloud, author of The Magician’s Way

A delicious, beautiful, sizzling and ‘fill in your desire here’ relationship brings joy to life. Whatever your dream relationship looks like, The Relationship Revelation gives you tools that empower you to create it.

The Relationship Revelation is special. It is clear, logical and gets right to the heart of the matter: ‘It’s all you’. By focusing on what you want to create in life, the book gives back the power to manifest without the limitations created by old patterns. I only wish this book had been around many years ago, it would have saved me a lot of heartache.” Dr Arne Rubinstein (MBBS, FRACGP), CEO The Australian Rites of Passage Institute

In this award-winning book, you will discover:

  • how to create true intimacy and romance in a passionate, lasting relationship;

  • what limits you in your relationships and what to do about it;

  • new ways to deal with old problems like endless arguing, disruption of the relationship by children and no sex;

  • how to reliably access your intuition and use it to improve your relationships

Order your copy today. Just AUD$29.95 incl. postage. Ships to Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Europe & UK.

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