Heartwood – children’s book

“Heartwood is the most beautiful book I have ever read.” Atlas, aged 9

“Quarrelling erupted. The faeries bickered amongst themselves. The magpies and squirrels tossed spiteful comments at each other across the clearing. The mushrooms started to wilt in the nasty atmosphere created by the squabbling. And the Smashbasher crept closer, gobbling up the forest, chomping the old ones, crushing and crunching its way toward The Linney.”

Will the forest creatures find a way to save their homes? Can they put their squabbles aside and come up with a plan to stop the Smashbasher?

The Smashbasher from Heartwood

HEARTWOOD is a full colour, illustrated first chapter book for children aged between 6 and 9 years old. A magical story set in an ancient forest, HEARTWOOD is a beautiful introduction to reading independently. HEARTWOOD is a story of hope, our connection to the natural world and the joy that comes from following the truth in our hearts. HEARTWOOD is also a lovely story to read to a younger child.

This a fabulous book for all ages. Within the first few pages, the writing magically transports you to The Linney and you won’t ever want to leave. My four year old fell in love with the illustrations (which are stunning, some of the best I have seen) and I was excited to read such a smart, meaningful and loving story to her.  Nancy Hay, USA.

Buried in the human heart is a deep love and appreciation of the natural world, of which we are an integral part. Awakening that love and appreciation is the key to moving forward in a way that supports all life. HEARTWOOD  is about the love in the heart of a perfectly ordinary man and a group of forest creatures who help him to discover it.

HEARTWOOD costs AUD$14.95 (plus AUD$4 shipping and handling) and ships worldwide.

A percentage of the profits from each book are donated to charitable organisations working towards our shared vision of a thriving, healthy planet. We currently donate to TreeSisters  and Plant for the Planet Simmy on a vine, Heartwood