intuitive coaching & readings

Break the cycle of self-limiting habits & live from your authentic core

Intuitive coaching for profound, life-enhancing change

Imagine grounding yourself in your authentic, centred self – being aligned with your sense of purpose and enhancing every area of your life. My coaching programs provide practical tools for staying connected to self and what matters. Getting strongly rooted in your authentic core brings deep feelings of purpose and delight, as well as connections with others and Nature that feel nourishing and open. Being grounded in your authentic, centred self can reignite your belief in the true magic of life, keep you learning and growing, and fill you with deep satisfaction.

You can live an authentic, satisfying life. You can find relief from stress, depression, anxiety and disconnection and be inspired to true action that enhances your relationships, your work, your life vision and your willingness to take risks, grow and thrive.

Supporting you in that is my passion.

I am trained in advanced intuitive techniques designed to bring your unconscious patterns of self-sabotage to light, freeing you from their grip, so you can take action from your authentic core. This process can deeply transform your life.

Why me?

I wrestled with depression and anxiety for half of my life. A difficult childhood led to serious problems in relationship, with authority, with commitment and with low self-worth. I have twice faced the choice of living or dying. I chose the adventure of life. I choose life every single day and life supports, encourages and reveals herself to me in profound and amazing ways. I am an empath and I understand what motivates people. I have been to dark places and returned. I am eternally curious and fascinated by the human condition.

You are already whole, you do not need to be fixed or healed. I have the tools and experience to help you stop sabotaging your goals, and to embody your authentic powerful self.  I have tools to empower you to make confident decisions about your direction, to be in integrity with yourself and be walking permission for others. And I have been doing this for 8 years.

I'm ready to grow & thrive



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