• The magic of HEARTWOOD

    HEARTWOOD is a first chapter book for 7-9 year olds, created with heart and humour. It's an adventure set in an ancient forest, beautifully illustrated and four years in the crafting.

    Mary looks forward to the day she can read HEARTWOOD all by herself ...

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  • Gold Medal Winner, Living Now Book Awards 2012

    "I loved your book! It's like the penny dropped ... and I got it! And I'm only half way through." Jane

    "The Relationship Revelation is a remarkable book and I'm so grateful for it. Thank you thank you thank you ..." Tanja

    Get out of your own way and create the relationship of your dreams. You have the power to create a relationship you will absolutely love. Give yourself the tools to do just that ...

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  • Powerful Readings for Courageous People

    Intuitive readings to reveal what is holding you back, keeping you small and limiting your choices, so that you can step into a powerful, liberated foundation for life and create your deepest yearnings

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  • Sound vibrations for healing & relaxation

    Pollyanna uses a quartz crystal singing bowl and the resonance of her voice in a unique technique called Shamanic Song Weaving.

    Available for workshops, space clearing, blessings, meditation, opening ceremonies, ritual, individual sessions and funeral song.

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  • Do You See? A Poem for a Scorched Land

    “Do You See?” A Poem for a Scorched Land Out West, farmers are shooting their stock; drought-beaten, broken-hearted. Flies probe damp corners of...
  • Persephone Rising

    Persephone Rising Thrum of unseen winged horde In blossom laden heights, Hoot, whistle, squawk and cry. Caressing breath, warm and sweet, Cool, damp...
  • Short Fiction: Ancestry Calling

    Short Fiction: Ancestry Calling   Grandmother’s hands held tight to mine, her brown knuckles shining in the lamplight. “Why have you come here?”...
  • Opening the Locks Through Sistering

    Opening the Locks Through Sistering Garbed against sleet and icy winds in marine blue PVC trousers and jacket, myself and my siblings would...

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The Relationship Revelation

Award-winning relationship rescue that's simple, intuitive and practical. The Relationship Revelation is a guide to getting out of your own way and creating the relationship your heart truly wants. Find out more

Inspirational Speaking

Pollyanna combines entertaining, inspiration-based story-telling with practical, grounded advice. Available for conferences, schools ... Read more
Everybody has his own possibility of rapture in the experience of life. All he has to do is recognise it and then cultivate it and get going with it." Joseph Campbell
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